Live casino at Parimatch India

Parimatch bookie India has a long history and millions of people know about its casino. Why is it so attractive for true gamblers?

The first thing clients see is a bright and clearly structured official site. Even if people are taking the first steps in visiting the site, they will instantly understand its simplest navigation. For example, to make the registration, just click the big «register» button and fill in personal information.

The site is also attractive with its protection system and players should not worry about the leakage of personal information.

A laconic website and data protection are certainly not the only things that attract. Parimatch. Here gamblers can play Parimatch live casino. This is an ideal alternative to all the famous casinos in the world, but to play this type of casino players do not need to buy a ticket to Las Vegas.

So what is so remarkable about the Parimatch live casino?

After the client sign in, he will have permanent access to the real dealer game. The player can also make good money here, and the specifics of the live casino are an incentive for this. This place will become a paradise for those who love diversity.

Do all the people spend a lot of time with a smartphone in hand? They have the opportunity to do it profitably with the mobile live casino! To play in the gadget, the main thing is to remember the jackpot city casino mobile login and password.

Parimatch live casino games

The main advantage of Parimatch live casino games is that they are a copy of a real land casino, but available at any time and from any place: this feature gives users the feeling of playing in a luxurious casino hall while being in the coziness of home.

Live casino in India ideally replaces the traditional casino visit, saving players time and without disturbing their comfort.

Experienced players will appreciate the quality of the graphics and the professionalism of the dealers. It is also important to notice that a live casino provides players with a certain level of security without sacrificing their real emotions. Real dealers interact with players: they answer questions and help them — everything is like in a real casino, only through the screen.

Parimatch offers a huge variety of games to play online. Here clients can plunge into the well-known classics like poker or roulette, or compete with a dealer and real players in new products from famous developers.

Everyone who wants to spend a cheerful and profitable free time should go to the live casino tab and get acquainted with a menu of available games. Among them gambler will see the following gambling giants:

Before fully immersing themselves in the game, players should familiarise themselves with the rules of each game in detail. High knowledge of game schemes and strategies will enlarge the chances of gaining the jackpot.


Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in India. Card lovers can also join this legendary game without even leaving the home.

Speaking about the rules of live baccarat in India, it is worth noting their simplicity.

During the game, each player is given two cards. They are also given to the dealer, who is called a banker in baccarat live.

The task of each rival is to score as close as possible to 9 points. Cards from two to nine correspond to their face value, but some cards have specific meanings:

If after getting two cards players don’t have enough points, they can get a third card. There is the opportunity to place bets on a win:

Live baccarat is available day and night. Parimatch users can play it on smartphones with any operating system. They should go to the «live casino» section through the official website or mobile app.

Indian poker

This type of poker is a great option for having a good time with a large company, even online.

The rules are pretty simple. Each player is dealt one card, which can only be viewed only by opponents. This rule of Indian poker distinguishes it from other popular types of card games.

This type of poker is interesting because the players do not see their cards.

The result of the first round: each player has one card, but he, unlike his opponents, cannot look at it. Next comes the betting round, which is no different from the usual poker rules. Players can choose one of the following actions: check, call, raise, fold.

After the rates have been equalized, the players remove the cards and determine the winner. In Indian poker, the strongest card wins. In cases where several players have the same card in strength (for example, both players got «kings»), the entire bank is divided into equal parts.

Online roulette

Probably no person has not heard about this game. Online roulette does not require high knowledge of strategy. Here players need to believe in intuition and luck. But there is some information that gamblers need to familiarize themselves with before starting the roulette live.

In the game, the main object is the table with the wheel, which is divided into 37 cells. The numbering of these cells starts from zero and ends at 36. There are two levels on the table: inner and outer.

The inner section allows placing bets on individual numbers or groups of up to six numbers located side by side on the table.

The outer section contains places for bets on groups of numbers: red/black, large/small, or paired/unpaired (each group contains 18 numbers).

Users have the option to play roulette with both an automatic wheel and a live dealer.

Blackjack game

This card game has won the hearts of players all over the world. Before starting the game,  it is necessary to study the rules of the classic version. Blackjack game requires a little bit of strategy knowledge combined with luck. 

52 cards are the main object of the game. There can be up to six such decks. The game is played by the dealer, and there can be up to seven players. The player’s goal is to beat the dealer by scoring 21 points or as close as possible. The moment of scoring 21 points is called a blackjack.

It is also worth remembering the denominations of the cards:

Before starting the game, every user can test his capabilities in the demo version.

Live Casino Bonuses

By joining crazy casino Parimatch clients will find not only the world of exciting games but also will meet a lot of profitable promotions and offers!

The first gift for a beginner is a welcome Parimatch bonus. The player can get up to 100% additional deposit!

Also, users can receive free spins as rewards in slot machines.

Many incentive prizes are specially created for certain events, they are valid for a limited time and have certain conditions. Uses can find out about them in the special section «Bonuses and Promotions».